Emerald and Diamond Garden



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a ensemble that brings together the lush green beauty of emeralds and the brilliance of diamonds in an artfully scattered arrangement. Each emerald, carefully selected for its rich hue, is complemented by diamonds of the highest quality, boasting VVS clarity (Very Very Slightly Included) and radiating in the pristine colors of D, E, and F.
Crafted with meticulous precision, the scattered arrangement creates a dynamic interplay of colors and light, reminiscent of a flourishing garden.

Price Upon Request

Gems & Personalization

Our gems are hand picked according to their properties and carat weight. Customizing jewellery is our utmost pleasure. Clients can choose the stones they would like to integrate into their pieces along with precious metals they would like to carry their chosen gems. Our team at Yasser Younes Jewellery along with our team of experts will guide you throughout the process. Once the design has been set in stone (sometimes quite literally), we begin the meticulous process of filling, sanding and polishing to ensure every YY piece radiates the captivating beauty for which Yasser Younes Jewellery is renowned for.